Ampu-TeaAmpu-tea is a game like Surgeon Simulator except you lost your arm in a war and now you got to re-learn how to use a mechanical limb all for the sole purpose of making tea!

You think the game would be easy but like Surgeon Simulator, you got to use not only a keyboard but a mouse as well to control how the hand moves and operates by moving each individual finger. Which is an incredibly complicated process and incredibly challenging considering what you are trying to do.

That being pick up a kettle of boiling water pour it into a cup and put a packet of tea inside the cup. Milk and sugar are for the harder modes depending on what kind of tea you want to make in Ampu-tea.
All in all the game is incredibly complicated and extremely challenging.

Do I recommend this game? You know what go nuts the game isn’t bad it’s just really hard to play. There have been so many YouTubers like Markiplier covering this game already, and I have to agree with them! Ampu-Tea is quite a fun game and I would recommend it to anyone, so be sure to check it out on Steam!



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