Among the Sleep, this game is well… maxresdefaultghFirst up this is possibly one of the creepiest games I have ever played without a shadow of a doubt. The second thing is that it also holds a darker message that people need to see and hear. Originally my video review didn’t capture just how big of a message this was and I recommend everyone plays it if only to see what I mean.

I don’t want to throw too many spoilers out there because it loses their meaning when someone else says them. It is something that has to be experienced for one’s self that being said; that’s my way of saying hey you should go play Among the Sleep and it’s a game about child abuse.ats_screen02

Among the Sleep you play as a young infant child and when you are put to bed one night things take a turn for the worst and you experience what the child is forced to experience every night in a world of nightmares.

The controls are what you would expect incredibly basic but the main point of the game is the story that they are trying to tell the player during the game, you know the story about child abuse, it is really, really dark. So to ease the levity in this horror game of sorts you fight alongside your Teddy bear because you’re a toddler.

But honestly, I hope people do take what I am trying to say to heart and enjoy playing through Among the sleep.


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