A Fly in the House is another one of those titles in which you are a person returning home, thinking about how things have changed, before cutting lose a level of insanity not seen since I Am Toast.

You shout that you “need to kill the fly!” at the cost of everything in your home. You proceed to pick up and throw things at the fly or swat it out of the air with items including (but not limited to) a leather chair, a bottle of wine, the entire vent system from your stove, and a glass coffee table.ss_eda513f385731d87df31ac47b1a5daa50ec9f8aa.600x338

The object of the game is to well, kill the fly, and in so doing earn points. The faster you kill it and the more damage you do in the process, the more points you’ll earn. When you reach a certain score, you unlock the next area.

Optional game modes include: Battling the fly in the dark with nothing but your lamps, battling at sunset, and battling at midday (the default). A few things to point out about this game though is that there are no audio or control options for anything. As for the video, you are forced to play on a stretched-out full-screen, with no “windowed” option in sight. This causes the game to look grainy and not clean.ss_5f6c0ee1733b092f9e76d66a8cdf3a7dae0f0f03.600x338

The game itself plays pretty well, but I experienced issues with the scoring system; making forward progress difficult.

IsĀ  A Fly in the House fun though? Yea, it kinda is, and with some fine-tuning, it would be even better. Until then, we’ll just have to keep up with the buzz and hope for the best.


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