juiAh, orange juice is a beautiful and tasty beverage. Heck I have some sitting in my fridge right now. Oh wait, the game…wonder how I could have gotten the two things confused. YouTube does, so I guess it’s natural.ss_a588e11806f2cb925ae31c92250f4a23d598b5b8.600x338

100% Orange Juice is a board game for the PC that plays like a Mario Party title. Instead of the two guys from Italy, you play as the staff of a Japanese game studio called Orange Juice. The Orange Juice team serves up a really great game that you can play with others all over the world.

In 100% Orange Juice, you travel around the board collecting stars while engaging your opponents (as well as the occasional monster) in combat. The winner is the player whose star meter is filled highest after a designated number of rounds.100OJ_Front_Cover

During play, you pick up cards that can help in combat or alter the board to your advantage. This is a great feature; players must come up with their own strategies and tactics for victory. You get all this at a really affordable price. 100% Orange Juice is great to play with friends and family, and you’re sure to make plenty of new Internet friends along the way.

The strong feeling of moe, along with a great soundtrack really makes the game enjoyable for me. Orange Juice‘s take on combat in a board game is also very refreshing. If you own some of Orange Juice‘s other games, such as QP-Shooting is Dangerous, you can actually unlock more playable characters here in 100% Orange Juice.

Do I recommend you pick up 100% Orange Juice? Absolutely! While it may not be a good source of Vitamin C, it’s certainly a good source of fun, value…and moe.100OrangeJuice

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