Wondershare Filmora X project templateI just got Wondershare Filmora X and I’ll tell you why. As a lot of our readers know we have made several videos over the course of several years, mainly just some goofy Let’s Plays and some a bit more serious, and as I wanted to lean more towards videos of compilations, just funny things that have happened while gaming with friends.

I noticed my current video editing software at the time that being AVS wasn’t cutting it and it kept crashing consistently, and I just got fed up with it, and this isn’t from a user perspective but an IT consultant perspective.

So I did some research and I heard about Wondershare Filmora while researching. If I am, to be honest, I also heard about several other video editing software’s in the free department, but unless you have experience or the time to dedicate to learning something that I am certain a Hollywood producer would use; I would veer away from DaVinci Resolve and the rest as they are really complex, I want my learning curve simple, like AVS Video Editor. So I went with Wondershare Filmora X because it had a similar interface I was already used to.

Now many other people out there who are making YouTube video’s you don’t want to spend a lot of money on editing software just to find out you actually have no idea how to use it, the learning curve is too great you end up getting discouraged and you throw your mouse at your computer screen only to find out.

Now you need a whole new computer screen unless it happens to be an old CTR screen in which case those things are pretty tough to break… But I digress, Wondershare Filmora makes it easy to edit videos and that’s what I wanted because I spent several years learning AVS Video Editor even trying to get the chromakey function to work in AVS, but no dice. Simple overlays onto videos to add into a compilation to add a bit more hilarity into my jokes a laugh track for added filmed in front of a studio audience effect and a list of other things I just wanted to screw around with as I tossed together an array of several clips from earlier streams with my friends and team members. But as I tried to render so much through AVS Video Editor it would consistently and constantly crash on me or freeze up.Wondershare Filmora X editing timeline

In Wondershare Filmora X however, it had all of these options and mind you a working chromakey function so I can green screen till I’m satisfied Exactly like AVS Video Editor you start by uploading the clips you want before dragging them into the editing bar and since Filmora uses icons to show which track goes where you can then place music, audio, clips, filters, and even still images or gifs to overlay or add into the clip you wish to edit; with maximum ease of learning.

You can even add professional studio subtitles if you so desired but I’m lazy, I actively avoided doing that in particular. They even have a built-in face filter function that lets you select people’s faces you wish to blur or put a still image on top of; however, it should be noted that out of everything that is the most poorly designed feature and I had nothing but trouble with it then after you have finished editing your video clip and are ready to export it after compiling it all you simply have to do then is hit Export and you’re finished.

Wondershare Filmora X easy modeA few other features it includes that are easy to learn and adapt to is the split screen function allowing you to compile several clips at once into a whole scene to give more depth and motion to the project you are working on, for me I might not ever use it because all I plan on making new videos is just silly compilations but for those others out there who have more time to dedicate to making professional videos without wanting to break the bank you can. It even gives you a feature to directly upload it to the websites you have intended the video for, in my case it was YouTube but I liked to handle my uploading manually because I am a purist in those regards.

There is even a short version easy mode if you want to create something quick and easy if you are exceptionally lazy and just want to post about it on your YouTube because some people are into that; apply a filter, apply music, and done, it is really just that simple!

In a short summary for those who want a TL;DR version of all of this Wondershare Filmora is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use video editing software that can help even the most inexperienced people make quality videos whether it be for creating high-quality videos for a gaming YouTube channel, a cheesy action flick, or something for a wedding perhaps; it’s good. You can even buy it for the cost of a new triple-A title game at the cost of sixty dollars lifetime fee.

If you want to see what you can make with it in terms of quality you are more than welcome to watch a few of the videos I’ve compiled so far while using it, so you don’t have to take my word for it.

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