Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man – Homecoming, for me, is the best Spider-Man movie to date, don’t misunderstand me though I did enjoy the Amazing Spider-Man with the actor Andrew Garfield leading the main role of Peter Parker and Tobey Maguire did a great job in the original Spider-Man movies that Sony produced but the most recent Spider-Man that is tied into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) I think is by far the most accurate portrayal of Peter Parker / Spider-Man. But before we get started as to why for obvious reasons, this is massive spoiler territory so steer clear if you don’t want to hear what I got to say.

Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming

The Movie starts with Peter Parker going to Germany to confront Captain America as Spider-Man and does a little self-movie journey of his adventure on the way and even during the confrontation with Happy Hogan giving Spider-Man the third degree during the entire thing. This ultimately concludes with Peter being able to keep the new suit Tony Stark has created for him and which makes him really happy about having.Tony Stark on Damage Control in Spider-Man: Homecoming

Flashback, Adrian Toomes is doing the cleanup from the Avengers during the incident in New York where Loki was running amuck and he is tasked with cleaning up all Alien artifacts. Soon however, the government steps in and hire Damage Control to take over handling all the clean up this naturally upsets Toomes and they decide to keep some of the materials they were supposed to turn in.

Thus, the Super Villains are born. They then spend the next eight years stealing stuff from damage control in secret and building an arsenal of super powerful deadly weapons, and when I say super Villains I mean Vulture, Shocker, and even early references to The Scorpion and even the future Prowler makes it into the cameo’s scattered about the movie.

Spider-Man: HomecomingFlash forward again and it’s after Civil War, Peter Parker as Spider-Man is patrolling New York fighting crime, saving old ladies, stopping bike thefts, and eating churros that said old lady purchased for him.
He is anxiously awaiting the next big mission so he can join Tony Stark and fight worldwide disasters as an Avenger, but Happy and Tony keep brushing him off, so when he is confronted with a chance to fight a Super Villain over the course of the movie, that being Adrian Toomes as the Vulture (played by Micheal Keaton) and his underlings that make appearances throughout the movie such as The Shocker, Scorpion, and others.

However, it is due to Peters’s constant inference that his friends are put into mortal danger which ultimately leads to Tony Stark taking the suit back from Peter stating that “If you are nothing without the suit then you don’t deserve it.”Tony Stark in Spider-Man: Homecoming

This forces Peter to rethink who he is as not only a person but as a superhero also when we wish for those immortal words to be echoed. “With great power, comes great responsibility.” But due to reasons for mortal men to ponder we never get that. Instead, we get a reflection of Peter looking back at himself when he chooses to fight for what’s right regardless of the threats made to him, his family, and his friends and take a stand even without the suit Tony Stark made him.

Me at the theather watching Spider-Man: HomecomingAs we read the finale of the movie Tony Stark tries to steal the thunder by inviting him to become a full-time Avenger and has even produced a new suit for the occasion. But Peter, knew himself a bit better than he did at the start of the movie when he was so anxious to prove to himself and others that he can be a great Super Hero.  He decides to stick closer to the ground as a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man instead of a Spider-Man fighting for the world and looking for trouble.

The movie in my option is solid, with an excellent cast of characters, with subtle supporting roles done by Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Peter Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), and Happy Hogan not to mention all the cast for his friends, and I am happy to say that with Marvel leading the helm of creative direction for our favorite web-head that we are getting a Peter Parker true to character finally.

I really enjoyed the movie, as did the people I saw it with, and not just because I saw it in a Zentai Spider-Man suit and talked about how I remember this scene so well as if I was actually a part of it, although they did get a good chuckle out of it.The best part is the after-credits scene, which is best not spoken about and better off being seen.

So go see the movie when you can!



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