Kingdom Come deliverance brings a quite authentic medieval experience to life, with a lot of liberties taken with both in physics and the way people react. Where you start out as unskilled peasant from a tiny village next to the local keep. The world is lush and green, with a lot of scenic scenery. From thick woods filled with crooked paths, to sprawling fields and into deep valleys. Witch may or may not contain an entourage of dastardly bandits and brigands. Clothes gets dirty, the belly grows hungry and the sleep Will eventually claim Henry, the main character of the kingdom Come story. Yes there are some survival mechanics, but food is plenty and can be cooked at camping sites, bought from vendors and pilfered from npcs, dead otherwise. Each skill has a level that can be improved through taking actions, such as sneaking up behind someone and lighten the contents of their purse. The early level combat is a horrible affair, where an unarmed bandit can win an altercation against me wearing full plate armor. Combat is compromised of attacking from different angles, stabbing, parry, blocking, dodging and countering, which work well on paper, but leave something to be desired when forced to fight. Luckily most interactions can be solved with a silver tongue, maybe some light bribery or by running away. After all fighting more than one enemy alone is a certain death. Unless I take potshots from horseback, which will bug out on me when an enemy tries to pull me of my high horse. A very serious bug occurs, where im stuck until loading or a crash. Hitting people with a sword or other blunt instruments while mounted is practically impossible. jousting is not a thing currently. Bizarrely enough, pole-arms does exist and they can’t be stored properly and require an excessive amount of strength to actually wield. Getting stuck in scenery is also a common occurrence when trying to bypass simple shrubbery. Npc will hobble around like brain dead peons and complain when they stumble on to me. They also love to appear in dialogue and be in the way. Archery is sketchy to say the least, since there is no aiming dot and the bow is placed a bit to the right.
Kingdom Come got good music, a great story and a slew of oddball side quest and drunken adventures, whilst searching for a stolen sword. A thing of note is that saving requires me to quaff an expendable drink,  unless it is auto save related to a story quest.
Expect enemies to practically cheat, warp around quite a bit and get stuck in the ground. Some will surrender when near death and most will stop chasing after a certain distance.
All in all, a fun, flawed first person medieval adventure, if you enjoy a wonky medieval adventure. At least it  can be modded a lot on pc.


Njål Sand

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Njål Sand is a Norwegian Cosplayer with opinions on video games, and a passionate for creating content on YouTube about living in Norway, and gaming!

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