It is the end of an era as Satoru Iwata CEO of Nintendo of Japan has passed away.
He was loved by many and helped create the image Nintendo has today and helped bring
entertainment and joy to millions.
1338171161955333780On his business card, he never thought of himself as a game designer or game developer but as a gamer like many of us. Those who have met him will always talk about how much of an amazing person he was and how he always would make a room light up.

I am one of the people that will miss him and his work in the game industry because many of us do. The games he helped make at Nintendo were a part of our childhood and because of that, he will be forever missed.

It is sad that he passed away at the age of 55, and if you remember last year’s E3 Iwata was forced to cancel his trip due to due to poor health in which he had to undergo surgery to get a bile duct growth removed.

Although on Twitter a few months after he said he is “progressing well.” it seems that
things changed. Iwata joined the Nintendo HAL Laboratories team back in 1980 where he worked on games like Balloon Fight and EarthBound and was appointed president in the year 2000 of the company. He was also responsible for some of Nintendo’s strongest-selling systems such as the Wii, and the DS as well as some of the weaker consoles (WiiU and GameCube.)

In recent years was achieving a lot of recognition for his appearances on Nintendo Direct.
Even if you are a PC gamer it is safe to say you have played some of his games at one point.
RIP Satoru Iwata you are going to be missed.


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