Every game on the market has cheats, hacks, and various other things that get you ahead Grand Theft Auto V Modders are no different. At one point there were devices such as the Game Shark and Game Genie that bestowed great power to outlast the competition. These devices have faded in recent years, as coding gurus have taken over the spotlight. For Nintendo games, homebrew was used to download pirated games. For PC, coders introduced “trainers”; especially apparent in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA5). Fireworks

Rockstar Games attempts to stay on top of things, but every fix only stops the “script kiddies” (also known as “modders”) temporarily. We’ve tracked down one of these modders who codes cheats that many players use in GTA5, notably online. Rockstar announced a recent patch to prevent such future hacks.FinishHim

After getting to know him, we discovered he is the legitimate source for all the biggest mods in GTA5. These include, but are not limited to blowing people up, using other players’ names, spawning cash via guns, the vehicle-mounted machine gun, and a host of others. Most notably, his new script allows any player in a session to have a modder’s god-like abilities; making them essentially modders themselves. This caused quite a stir among players on our server. A large number of players also took advantage of this by spawning loads of cash. Rockstar took a major hit because many of their titles have shops that let players purchase in-game cash for real-world money.Flying

I asked our modder why he writes these scripts. His response was simply, “It’s fun.” He knows also that if he ever got caught, his account would be banned. He figures that if this were to happen, he would simply make a new identity or use one of his many existing accounts. He drove around Los Santos (GTA5’s rendition of Los Angeles) and showed me his capabilities. At one point gave me those god-like powers. The players on our server didn’t mind helping me test these out for this article. They enjoyed showing off their modder’s abilities by spawning cash and being nearly immortal.Others_2 I asked the modder if I could mention his name, but at this point, he wishes to remain anonymous…so he still has a potential job should Rockstar ever ask him to come aboard. Until then, the script kiddie in question has no intention of stopping his mods.

When asked if he makes money off his mods, he simply scoffed a little before telling me that he does it for the laws.
I’ve met a lot of cheaters in almost every game I’ve played. In Team Fortress 2 (TF2) I once shot actually through a wall. In the Borderlands franchise, cheaters will “power-level” you to the absolute maximum, even if you don’t own the required DLC!

Script kiddies have been around since the dawn of modern gaming. Some do it for money, others do it for fun. MyselfThe person we spoke to is an extremely gifted nineteen-year-old who is capable of far more than writing amazing scripts. His talents allow him to essentially bypass anything and everything that game companies create.

Overall it was a fun experience hanging out with this modder; being able to do things I wouldn’t normally do, like flying in a car and blowing people up with fireworks. I also watched it literally rain money and listened to players complaining about the modder breaking the game. At one point they thought I was modding, simply because I was hanging out with this guy to get information for this article. So I guess in this case I am quite literally in the line of fire in reporting game news! Despite his activities, our modder does seem interested in joining Rockstar if and when they come a-calling…time will tell.




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