SamFalconCaptainAmericaEver since comics became a thing they have always had some degree of influence on the
world we live in. Captain America is quite famous for this when he battled Richard Nixon, Hitler, and various other real-world characters.

Even Superman has had his moments with the Justice League of America, fighting the evils of Hitler. However, in the new recent comics of the New Captain America where Falcon has taken over his predecessor’s mantle, he has decided to take a stand on growing issues in America today.

Much as how Superman is standing up for civilians in fighting police brutality, Captain America is fighting issues on border patrol and corruption on Capital Hill. I personally think this is a good thing, but many readers are not too happy with it.Captain-America-Sam-Wilson-1-cover

This is a Captain America that takes out the bad guy, brings him in, and isn’t liked by Shield. The American people are demanding that he turn in his shield already. Now are some little-known facts about Sam Wilson. He is a people man and he is always trying to help those in need. He has been an activist, has run for congress, and has also been a social worker.cap

This is a man who has generally been on the receiving end of government corruption and he wants to change things. However, because of this and how he views things, it causes a lot of uproars, most notably from Fox who generally dislikes everything. When I say Fox, I mean Fox News; they really don’t like the new Captain America. One of their hosts even went as far as to say.

Keep politics out of comic books!

I think it’s good that companies like Marvel and DC are getting actively involved in trying to show not only America the problems it has, but also the world. You cannot fix an issue until you see that issue first-hand. They are trying their best to identify with the readers about these issues.

Obviously, this creates a lot of controversies. But if someone is getting offended about it, it doesn’t mean they are right. I have seen police corruption and I have seen government corruption. But unless you yourself see it, you are blind to it and that is what they are trying to do. They are trying to show you so you can help change it; so you can help make a better future not only for yourself but also for everyone in your life.

Even when Sam Wilson took up the mantle of Captain America, it was met with a lot of heated issues because his skin color is dark brown. The writer for the current run of Captain America is known as an activist standing up for the people of the world, and I see no reason why he shouldn’t. A lot of the things we do here at the Gamers-Haven are aimed at helping people identify real-world problems and help overcome them…through gaming and things we enjoy.

You cannot fix a problem until you realize there is one.

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